Welcome to the World of Bon Bon!

Finally, the first post!

So what is Little Bon Bon?

She is a cute little dolly who loves fashion, dress up and having cute, crazy adventures around the world. She is often accompanied by her best friend Nono! Follow them as they encounter new adventures in high colour and full of sweetness!

Little Bon Bon was created out of my love for all things cute . It’s also largely inspired by my love for Sanrio characters, cartoons and comics I watched and read growing up! My very first sketch of Bon Bon was of her sitting in a large sofa with a cute ghoul creeping at the back of it! That was in 2010, while still a Media & Design student!!



I was still new to working in design and creative tools on the computer such as Adobe Illustrator, so i was still experimenting with various concept and ideas. There are still flaws in this piece, as it is quite raw, but it was the first one. Today, I have decided to grow Bon Bon and even adding a new character such as her best friend Nono (image to the right)

I would draw Bon Bon on an adventure only once or twice a year.The adventures are based on my own personal travels and love for art and shopping :)! Today, I want at least one cartoon a week.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow! New characters, spaces and places are on the horizon…<3

Follow Little Bon Bon & friends on Social Media:

Twitter: @worldofbon

Instagram: @world.of.bon.bon


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