RIP A Tribute

Another big loss this year. In 2016, we lost so many artists and big names in the entertainment industry. I love Star Wars, so I was saddened to hear about Carrie Fisher passing on this morning! Just the night before it was George Michael.

The year started off with the world losing the amazing David Bowie, then my all time favorite Prince. I might not have known them, but like many fans, their music and legacy has affected us all in daily life and I personally share some of the best memories through the power of their music.

This morning, I got my pencils and ink out and made this tribute to Carrie Fisher with Little Bon Bon channeling her bad-ass Princess Leia legacy!


Here is the tribute I did at the start of the year with Little Bon Bon channeling the remarkable Prince. I did one for Bowie too, but I didn’t feel satisfied with the result. So I will be sure to update it asap!


Rest In Peace, and may the Force be with you!


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