I am a big Sanrio fan, after all they introduced Hello Kitty and made cartoons and characters more than a kids novelty in Asia!


I love following their social media accounts to keep up with the latest events and news.ย Today I saw a short video clip on a new character called Aggretsuko! I love the entire concept of it!

The character is a cute little red panda who lives in a world where other cute animals rule daily life in Tokyo. Sheย works as an office associateย as an accountant for a well recognised International trading firm. She’s a sweet little character, but people and her co-workers are always taking advantage of her kindness. She does have her limits, and when she reaches breaking point, she heads off to the karaoke bars and goes full on death metals rage mode. Boy, can her vocals scream it!

Here’s the awesome video, you can find more on Sanrio’s YouTube channel. It’s so inspirational:

I love it because I can personally relate to annoying offices and co-workers while working hard to make my own dreams happen! Well, I think we all have a little Aggretsuko in us!

I can’t wait to see more of her!

Well that sums up my working life thus far!

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