Autumn Time!

Autumn is one of the cosiest seasons of the year. The weather becomes more comfortable to do more outdoor activities and we get to see the beautiful landscapes filled with the changing colours of nature! The red, oranges and yellows dotted amidst the fading greens are beautiful to behold.

Little Bon Bon and her friend Nono love to play among he fallen leaves. Their cute friends Mr. Squirrel and The Acorns can be found all over!

Playing in the colours of Autumn!

Let’s not forget the amazing fashion and looks we get to wear for the Autumn season! Warm, yet cold. Little Bon Bon wears a cute red acorn print dress, while Nono dons a yellow piece with orange Oak tree leaves! C’est tres chic!

We’re loving the colours of fall and our new fall fashion!

There’s also lots of fun holidays and activities to look forward to in Autumn. There are different celebrations for the season all over the world. Little Bon Bon’s favorite holiday is Halloween. It’s so much fun getting dressed up. Last year Bon Bon went as a witch, while Nono went as a skeleton!


Oh, and let’s not forget watching scary movies! I personally love horror films, and there’s nothing like a good scare and that creepy feeling! What’s that behind your sofa Little Bon Bon?!

There's something behind my sofa!
That feeling when you’re watching horror movies alone!

How was your Autumn?



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