Anyeong Seoul, Korea!!

Have you ever been to South Korea. It’s one of the coolest places to visit and experience. Seoul city has so much happening in it! I miss living in the heart of this vibrant city and looking up at Namsan Tower everyday!

Little Bon Bon and Nono got are back in Seoul for a while until their next adventure. They get to visit all the different places and shop! Korea is very famous for it’s fashion and make-up.

Hello Seoul!


Korea is a vibrant mix of tradition and modern life like most fast-paced Asian cities. It is so much fun. The traditional clothes worn by Koreans are called hanboks (ํ•œ๋ณต), which come in all sorts of vibrant colours. You can spot people wearing them for special events. Bon Bon and Nono decided to don their hanboks too!

For more about the art in this post click the Korean flag flowersย below:

Anyeong Korea!

Little Bon Bon & Nono come to Seoul, South Korea!

Spring in Seoul

Little Bon Bon & Nono go out to see and snap the beautiful cherry blossoms of Spring in Seoul!

Spring at Yeouido Park

Bon Bon and Nono visit the Spring Flower Festival at Yeouido Park in Seoul, Korea

Lotus Lantern Festival

Little Bon Bon & Nono take part in the celebrations for Buddha’s birthday at the Seoul Lantern Festival!

Yelle in Seoul

Little Bon Bon and Nono check out the Yelle show in Seoul, Korea!

A Weekend In Jeju

Little Bon Bon & Nono go on another cute adventure to Jeju Island!

Jeju Seongsan Ilchulbong

A cute hike up the friendly Seongsan Ilchulbong in Jeju

Jeju Haenyeo Divers

Little Bon Bon and Nono visit Jeju’s Haenyeo women divers and join in on the fun!

Beach Time in Jeju

Little Bon Bon and Nono soak up sun on one of Jeju’s amazing beaches!


A final piece to Little Bon Bon and Noni’s adventures on jeju Island.


One thought on “Anyeong Seoul, Korea!!

  1. Korea is indeed wonderful a place to explore. And nowadays you can do it on your own easily too! And being so technologically advanced, you can easily find wifi everywhere. You’d wish to be disconnected so that you can spend more time on the fashion shopping!

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