Working with Ink

I’ve been really intrigued by the amazing result of working with ink brush markers for some time. Last month, I treated myself to some brush pens to take my illustrations to a new level by working with coloured ink!

On doing my research, the most popular ink brush markers were the Copic and Sakura Koi Ink Brushes. They are used by professionals in the industry and are a favourite for most cartoonists.

I decided to go with the Sakura Koi Brushes. They create a smooth finish and they were a bit more affordable than Copics here in Korea. To be honest, I think both marker brands harness the same results, how you work with them and what the final result looks like depends on the artist.

I decided to practise on an image from a make-up tutorial from a fashion magazine. Let’s start with the sketch. It was drawn in pencil, then inked over in Sakura Micron.


The colour palette included Naples Yellow, light brown, black, pink, red and purple. After watching many online tutorials, there are two ways to use the Koi Brush Pens. You can either use it straight from the pen, or dilute it with water.


I used both methods, the ink can take on various shades when diluted with water and can make all sorts of cool affects. You must wait for each layer to dry before starting a new one, after all, this is not water colour!

After, I just inked out the black parts where needed. Once again, to make darker lines with the ink, you need to wait until the paper has dried, otherwise it will spill into places where you don’t want it to.

Make you sure you use the correct type of paper for mixing colours and to put your final work on. A multi-media good quality paper form Canson is what I’m using.






This was my first sort of successful attempt. It’s a new challenge and trust me, there were numerous attempts and failures before this decent looking one came out! It was lots of fun though!


Keep it artsy,



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