The Iguana and Hibiscus

Reptiles always pose a wonderful challenge to draw. Their amazing scales allow you to play with texture and light compositions. I decided to challenge myself to an iguana head and it took about 8 hours to complete, from the pencils sketch to the final ink layer.

Here’s a look into the step by step process:

This is the final result after my hard work. I mixed both ink pen and pencil for the shading on the scales:


I decided to add some sketches of hibiscus flowers, which I would add separately to the image. I also put the sketches onto the computer and coloured them in digitally after arranging them together in a bunch.

Original ink sketch (left) & digitally coloured in (right)

Afterwards, I just scanned the iguana out too on the computer and played around with the colours digitally. I added the hibiscus flowers and created a more tropical vibe:

I then had 2 printed out on canvases as gifts.


See more on my reptile projects at:


I loved this challenge of creating scales. I added tropical hibiscus flowers for added colour. This work is sketched n ink and took hours to complete. The colours were edited in Illustrator. The process: Here are the various phases sketched in pencil before it was inked out.: I decided to add a tropical atmosphere to […]


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