I love reading old myths and legends from different countries and cultures. I can spend hours in the library just looking for new books that range from children’s fairy tales to more adult versions of wars and folklore.

I think it serves great inspiration for new artworks. A few years ago, i did this piece on Vasilisa. Vasilisa come from Eastern European mythology, and she is the daughter of the famous witch, Baba Yaga. Stories of Baba Yaga are famous throughout Eastern Europe, she can be conniving and wise depending on the turn the story takes. Baba Yaga also had a beautiful daughter named Vasilisa. She is also known as Vasilisa The Wise and always  helps various characters get out of tricky situations through the help of her mother or from her own knowledge.


Final Work

I wanted to keep the story book and magical aspect of the character. I used a traditional Russian pattern to create the border, then created a fancy rose briar that entwined itself around the frame. I added two skulls just for a touch of darkness, as these stories usually have a dark and eerie side to them.

I wanted to keep in with the Eastern European traditional touch, and put a traditional Russian headdress on Vasilisa and added some red ribbons.

I made her dancing through the frosty winter sky with some snowflake outlines amidst the clouds. I added one white icy rose in the border to add a bit of frosty fun.



I sketched most of the parts in ink. Vasilisa was sketched then done over in ink, as well as the roses and brambles. The snowflakes were just clip art found on the web and traced into the computer program. I then just built the border up n Illustrator.

The clouds were a new feat for me. I wanted to them to be somewhat realistic, so I got one of the tutorials from the web!




I love the stories of the witch Baba Yaga, who lives in the forests of eastern Europe. She can be both good and bad depending on the situation. Baba Yaga has a daughter, who features in many of the Russian tales. Her daughter is always portrayed as good and is always faithful to her mother. I did this […]


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