Little Bon Bon goes to Peru

Little Bon Bon loves crazy cute adventures and has decided to visit Peru! Peru is not necessarily one of the places people choose to visit, but I had lived and worked there many years ago. It was definitely an adventure and there were some reallyย amazing and unique things to see and experience. I thought I’d express my travels and experiences through the story and style of the World of Bon Bon!

Little Bon Bon and Nono first booked their flights and headed off to new adventures Bon Voyage!


There first stop is Lima where they are met by their friends Cha Cha and Pepe. Cha Cha and Pepe are also in Peru, and avidly travel around South America. Cha Cha is from Mexico, while Pepe is from Argentina.


First let’s get geared up! The friends all go shopping and buy themselves some over the top touristy clothes. The girls all buy traditional patterned skirts and hats and top it off with a bright cardigan. Pepe gets a poncho with traditional cap. Hola Peru!


Now, let’s go to our first adventure trip to Machu Picchu! Stay tuned for the next post.



For more info on the designs and work visit:

Adios Peru

Little Bon Bon wraps up her amazing adventure of Peru in Lima with her friends!

Hola Peru!

Little Bon Bon and Nono travel to Peru for a new travel adventure with new friends!

Machu Picchu

Little Bon Bon and friends visit the amazing site of Machu Picchu on their Peruvian adventure!


Little Bon Bon and freinds visit Paracas in Ica, Peru



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