An Adventure in Peru

Little Bon Bon and friends had the most amazing time in Peru, travelling to all the amazing ancient sites and meeting new friends along the way! Let’s look at all the fun adventures they had!

First Little Bon Bon and Nono fly over to Lima, Peru where they will meet their friends Pepe and Cha Cha. Pepe is from Argentina and Cha Cha is from Mexico. Pepe and Cha Cha are also cousins.



Their first stop from Lima is to visit the amazing Machu Picchu! The friends all buy traditional Peruvian Andean fashion in true tourist style and decide to visit and travel Peru in their new get up!


They decide to take a flight from Lima to Cuzco:



Machu Picchu is truly an amazing place! It’s a true wonder and beautiful to behold. At Machu Picchu, the friends meet the Lipstick Llamas from Peru and they soon join the travellers! Meet Jasper, Trudy and Ashley! Be sure to read more about them in their character profiles and Instagram (@world.of.bon.bon)

The friends decide to go to the province of Ica. Ica is home to the amazing Nazca Lines and Paracas where you can view amazing geoglyphs in the vast desert while enjoying the vibrant sea life in the harbour. The friends travel by bus. Vamos!

In Paracas the friends group together for a quick selfie to commorate their adventures together in this cool place. The friends take a boat out into the harbour to view the mysterious Candelabra and the abundant sea and bird life:



The friends then head off to Lima city where they celebrate and enjoy their last days in Peru and look back on their amazing time in Peru!


I’ve tried to put together my first attempt at a comic strip.


Fore more info on the art work and cartoons visit ADVENTURES OF LITTLE BON BON



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