Mind and Body: Dealing with the Week day

Good habits are important for one’s daily life. Little Bon Bon ensures she keeps up with her daily, weekly and monthly routines to ensure her mental and physical well-being is in check! Stress from work and the daily grind is enough to kill you, so make sure you treat yourself and look after yourself.

1. Get sleep

Set a time to bed time in the week day. This helps you plan and manage your time better for tomorrow. This is essential if you have a job you don’t like or have to deal with moronic co-workers and demands on a regular basis.


2. Deal with mornings your own way

Whether you are a morning person or not, we all need to create a good mental space for ourselves to prepare for the day ahead. A bad morning can easily set off a bad mood. Make sure you are prepped and motivate yourself.


3. Drink Tea

‘Nuff said. This can apply to any hot beverage that you equate as the elixir of life to cope.

bontea 1


4. Throwย out the negativity

You will always get negativity from any environment, especially with some people. It’s inevitable. You need to learn how to block it out. Try meditation or envision good thoughts that help.

5. Take a hot bath

Treat yourself to a relaxing hot bath with all the works regularly. Even if you are busy, that 30 minutes can change everything and bring you back down to Earth!


6. Get a massage

The holy grail of relaxation is a massage. This is essential for the active individual where sports and work are a big part of your life. Sometimes a good elbow is needed in the right spots!


Make sure your find your own rhythm in it all. Sometimes good care of your physical self is important to help revitalise yourself. Check out the comic strip below:

unwind comic strip





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