Bon Bon Loves Spring

Who doesn’t love the season of Spring. I personally am crazy about the cherry blossoms that bloom here in Korea or any part of the Northern Hemisphere! I’ve been very fortunate to photography and witness the pink blossoms in Japan and France too. Naturally, I decided to make a short Spring comics series with Little Bon Bon and Nono!

I decided to re-draw new blossoms this year for the comic.



Drawing inspiration from some of my photographs from previous Spring seasons and some from my weekends at the Spring festivals here in Seoul this year. I made a few illustrations and a short animation video to try and capture my love for Spring in the cutest way possible!


Bon Bon at Namsan Tower

I did the Namsan Tower character a few months ago, and had him out in the background. I did hike up the mountain a few years ago and cherry blossom collection here is amazing.


Yeouido Park & The Spring Flower Festival

This year I visited the popular Flower Festival at Yeouido Park. The park is lined with pretty blossom along the walkway. It’s an overcrowded trip. Bon Bon and Nono found a some pretty trees on the lawn and did the complimentary selfie!


The cherry blossom can be found all over Korea, and the best time to be outdoors and to dream away under these pink and white wonders!

spring dream 2

Here’s a short animation clip of Bon Bon and Nono. I am somewhat hoping to capture what its like walking amongst the blossoms and the amazing fascination it gives everyone. Winters in Korea are harsh and cold, with everything iced over and an average of -15 degrees daily! So yeah, these are magical as they get.

The blossoms are slowly fading away. They only last for a few weeks before the sweltering humid heat sets in on Seoul and drains you of all energy…just like the icy Winters!


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