The Toad in The Office

The work office can be a strange place sometimes. No matter where you go you will always find yourself with an array of characters who are put together by some discord of fate. Introducing nosy Mrs. Toady.

This work isย partially based on my own experience of a very nosy co-worker who would creepily listen into me and my co-worker.



Mrs. Toady secretly monitors everything and suffers from a mild case of ADD, but she is too proud to admit it and simply sees herself a a perfectionist instead! She is very obsessed with stapling papers and will throw you under the bus in a split second to save her slimy self.

Overall, this kind of character who only has self-interest lies in every office around the world. Luckily, most people can see through them.


Little Bon Bo and Nono find working with her very unpleasant and uncomfortable.


I am trying an learning how to create various environment and spaces in my cartoons these days. This illustration was about making a section of a typical office.



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