Little Bon Bon in Jeju

What an amazing adventure Little Bon Bon and Nono had on their vacation to beautiful Jeju Island, South Korea. The pair headed down to one of Asia’s new travel hot spots to get a breath of fresh air and holiday fun! Let’s see what they got up to.

First, they take the hour-long flight from Seoul city to Jeju city.


Bon Bon and Nono meet up with their new Jeju friends. They are the Stone Granpas also known as (dolhareubang) and their names are Dol, Haeru and Bang. They protect the island from evil demons from other dimensions and you can find them all over the island, especially facing out towards the ocean. This is also the actual myth behind the stone statues.

New friends

Dol and Hareu are always up for new adventures and fun. Bang is friendly too, but he likes to lay back and prefers to be cautious at all times.


They also meet the cute Jeju Orange couple, ย Juhwang and Massi. Jeju is very famous for it’s orange plantations all over the island. The island has also become a popular honeymoon destination and the island has become synonymous with its romantic feel and beautiful scenery. Expect to see lots of couples and newlyweds……and oranges.


Now let’s explore Jeju with our new friends:


Seongsan Ilchulbong

First up is a hike up the island’s iconic volcanic crater that lies above the ocean. There are many of these in Pacific Ocean, but none as well preserved as this one. It’s also 5000 years old! This crater is also known as Sunrise Peak and is still full of lava!


Jeju’s Haenyo Divers

Jeju is also home to the Haenyo Women Divers. Everyday these women go fishing in the mineral rich waters to fish for various shellfish. It’s also the oldest female-dominated profession in Korea.


Be sure to catch the performance on the beach.


Jeju’s beaches

What’s a trip to Jeju without chilling out on one of it’s amazing pristine beaches. Blue waters, volcanic rocks and lush vegetation surround these pretty beaches. Watch Dol and Haeru take a dip!


That’s a wrap Jeju Island! Such a cute and fun time!


The comic strip…




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