Welcome to the World of Bon Bon!


World of Bon Bon is the crazy, cute world of Little Bon Bon and her friends. Little Bon Bon is a cute doll who loves to explore, experience and travel the world through a universe of cute and colourful.selfie-time-eiffel

She is usually accompanied by her best friend, Nono. Together they experience new
adventures, cultures, places and daily life in world filled with cuteness and crazy. Be sure to follow as they make new friends, discover new delights and play tourist around the globe!

Some Background

I have finally created a space to display and grow my art! Art and travel have been the 2 most consistent things in my life. So last year while completing my postgrad studies, I decided to combine my travel experiences with my art.

There's something behind my sofa!

I first sketched Little Bon Bon back in 2010 on a sleepless night. She had no name or defined personality for the character at that time. She was simply an image of a cute doll being scared of a looming monster behind her sofa. Hence the first Bon Bon illustration was made. Since then, I made a few more illustrations of Bon Bon in crazy situations but with no real story or background. One of her main characteristics is her big curly hair, which is inspired inspired by my own mop of natural curls.


While being a student in Paris and living the budgeted life, I started doing illustrations of Bon Bon at places I had been. Her world and experiences were becoming another way of expressing myself and the cartoons reflected a far more rose-tinted parallel to the real world. I was then that I started to illustrate a new world to fit the craziness of Bon Bon and I made a new universe of cute and quirky,

So far Little Bon Bon has become more than a colourful reflection of my life and travels in other countries,  it’s now developed to take on my daily life, experiences and personal interests through a new expression.

A bit about the artist

Hi! I’m Bee. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I have lived and worked springabout17iiin Peru, France and South Korea as a copywriter, student and English tutor. Follow me and my character as I develop and discover more on the world of pop culture and character design.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE Hello Kitty fan. The cartoons, fairy tales and comic books I grew up on have inspired me and I have always been intrigued by the creation of new worlds through art. The world of fashion and lifestyle trends across the world is also one of main interests and continues to be a big influence on my work.

I will also include other works of mine from a variety of illustrations such as fashion illustration, folktales, fantasy and animal art along with my work of Little Bon Bon.





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