Happy Easter 2018

It was an amazing hot and sunny day in cape Town, and while I was relaxing at the beach, I got some inspiration for this Easter illustration. I know I’ve been slacking off with the art these days, but I am making sure I make at least 1 cartoon a month! Continue reading


Little Bon Bon in Jeju

What an amazing adventure Little Bon Bon and Nono had on their vacation to beautiful Jeju Island, South Korea. The pair headed down to one of Asia’s new travel hot spots to get a breath of fresh air and holiday fun! Let’s see what they got up to.

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Hello Kitty Café: Character Consumption

I first learnt about the Hello Kitty Café in 2011 on arriving in Korea. I had no idea it even existed and stumbled upon its quaint pink façade while walking the streets of Hongdae. The café concept was small then, they had only really existed within Japan. Since then the characters themed café concept has grown, and so has the Hello Kitty’s fabulously pink cafes.

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The Toy Art Culture Festival In Seoul

I got to know of this event through an advert on Facebook. As I try and build and create my own character’s universe, my constant searches online and through social media helped get the ad on my newsfeed. This is the 2nd event for the Toy Art Culture Expo in Seoul and the first of its kind in the country. I had to go. On the public holiday on 3 May, I made my way to COEX.

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Bon Bon Loves Spring

Who doesn’t love the season of Spring. I personally am crazy about the cherry blossoms that bloom here in Korea or any part of the Northern Hemisphere! I’ve been very fortunate to photography and witness the pink blossoms in Japan and France too. Naturally, I decided to make a short Spring comics series with Little Bon Bon and Nono!

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