Adios Peru

After much exploring in Peru, Little Bon Bon and her friends return to the capital city of Lima. This is actually my second attempt at doing a multilayered 2-dimensional landscape like this. A few years ago, when Bon Bon was still something I was playing around with, I did a similar one about my trip in Japan. However, it was poorly executed and I had not used templates.

This time, I think it looks more improved. I tried joining the scenes from their previous comics together and added a small layout of Lima city. The main parts showing a bit of the centre and the famous tourist spot of Miraflores Park near the cliffs by the sea.


The characters reoccur in various scenes to help add a fun busy environment. I included a small scene of Nazca, while Machu Picchu looms to the far left to the back. A simple, but cute style to help fit into the universe of Bon Bon!

I made a small animation give some life with traditional music:

So, in the aim of trying something new, I’ve put together this comic book layout/strip for Bon Bon’s adventure. I think i can do better, maybe speech bubbles?




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