Girls In Shades

I combined my illustrations with a bit of layout design. I was doing a section at school in working with InDesign and loved making fashion magazine spreads! This was done in 2010.

I went with drawing 3 girls in shades conveying different looks and moods. Nothing is sexier or cooler than a girl in shades!


#1: ‘Leather & Lace’aviator-layout

I don’t promote smoking, I was much younger and naive at the time of doing this! The idea was creating the bad/cool girl look. I added an image of Pamela Anderson’s Barb Wire, and for the background I put in a motorbike engine. The girl wears a leather jacket while exposing a lace bra underneath.










#2: ‘Shades & Seagulls’

I love the 80’s band Flock of Seagulls, so I created this fun summer girl with a chic vintage beach vibe.











#3: ‘Mon chapeau il trois coins’ (My hat has 3 corners)

This image was found in the newspaper showcasing a fashion runway show for Africa Fashion Week in South Africa. I loved the colour and look on this girl. I mixed the layout with different African prints and accessories.



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