Jean Paul Gaultier

I did these illustrations and designs for one of my postgrad projects for fashion business school at ESMOD in Paris, France. We had to visit many boutiques and flagship stores to see how the the universe, values and image of the brand had to be culminated in a space to make it identifiable with customers.

My team chose French designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

The project:

After visiting many of the stores in Paris, we had to create our own space that reflected that of our chosen designer and their fashion brands. The space had to  convey something new, yet still adhere to the universe of the brand. The space could be a new store concept. The idea was to build a two storey gallery and store, where visitors could view the works and get a feel of the world of JPG and then shop.

The entrance:

The door would feature the designer alongside his iconic corsets. On entering, the door would slide open and the corset splits in two.


 The first floor

The first floor would be a showroom of the designer’s most famous looks and pieces from his runways over the years. A giant perfume bottle statue would meet guests on entering.


The Dresser

Like his flagship store that once stood in Champs Elysees, the first floor would contain a dresser which would showcase his famous perfumes.


The second floor

The second floor would house the concept store or boutique where they can purchase items. The second floor would pay homage to his famous mariner or striped print tops with striped running all around the walls. Little boat sofas would be placed for guests to rest on.



Creating interiors was a fun challenge!


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