Machu Picchu

Little Bon Bon and her friends have made their first stop at the amazing site of Machu Picchu! Machu Picchu is one of the wold’s biggest mysteries, along with the Pyramids in Egypt.

The adventurers met and their friends then travelled by aeroplane to Cuzco:


Visiting the site is an amazing experience in itself! No picture or words can describe its majesty and beauty. Machu Picchu is also known as the Flying City. It lies thousands of feet above sea level on top of a mountain peak in the Andes Mountains. Amidst all the speculation and analysis, it is still impossible to date when and why it was built. Even the Incas who have inhabited Peru, for thousands of years claim it was there before them!


Little Bon Bon, Nono andtheir amigos Pepe and Chacha made their way up to the iconic site. They even met their llama friends on top too. Can you see them?


I first sketched the Machu Picchu landscape in pencil then did over in Micron ink pen:


The colour was added digitally on computer and then the characters added in. Like the Paris adventure, Little Bon Bon’s cartoons and adventures are full of cute delights that stick the universe I am building for my character. It was a challenge making ¬†place such as Machu Picchu cute.

So inevitably I added the little cloud friends in the sky, while keeping the details simplified. Be sure to stay tuned for the introduction of new ¬†characters…the Lipstick Llamas!




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