In the second Peruvian instalment, Little Bon Bon and her friends are going to travel from Machu Picchu in Cuzco Province to Paracas in Ica. Ica is well known for it’s vast desert and the discovery of the mysterious Paracas skulls buried there and the amazing archaeological sites that lie beneath the dunes.

The friends travel via bus to Ica province. I put together this little animation using the app InShot to join it with sound. The bus and landscape was created with vector at in Illustrator.

Before heading out in Pisco Bay, the friends all take a selfie to capture these fun times.


Aboard the little boat, they go and explore the area’s rich biodiversity and amazing rock formation and the every mysterious hieroglyph called the Cabedlabra. The Candelabra is made in the same fashion as it’s famous neighbours at Nazca just 30 minutes away.




For the scene, I drew and outlined the dunes, rock formations, boat and pelicans in ink. I then put them onto the computer and edited them in illustrator.

Hasta Luego



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