Yelle in Seoul

When I heard Yelle (an electro-pop music band from France) was playing in Seoul, I couldn’t believe my luck. Even though I had lived in France as a student, and was unable to attend their shows due to my budgeted lifestyle.

Their show was not overly advertised in Korea, and the event got my attention via social media! Of course, Little Bon Bon and Nono decided to have a night out too and attend the the show in Itaewon in Seoul! ­čśë



This work posed another new challeng for creating spaces and interiors. I wanted to show the performance took place in Korea while still playing true to symbolism while reinforcing elements for Bon Bon’s world. Hence putting a background of the Korean Flag flowers in the background. I’ve created the band members as part of Bon Bon’s character style too and I think I’m overall happy with my template for men/boys.


A new element was creating a crowded room. The easiest part was that it was at night in a dark place so shadows did just fine. I added some hairstyles for the crowd heads to be more unique. I think a band like Yelle was a nice challenge as their music fits the pop, fun aspect of colour and cuteness for these illustrations and design.

Compl├Ętement fou!


P.S Yelle totally liked Little Bon Bon’s pic on Instagram too!! :



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